To unlock Podarkes the Cruel, the third in the Delian League line of the Cult of Kosmos, you’ll first have to start the Trouble in Paradise side quest on Mykonos. Specifically, you’ll get to murder Kleon during the last act of Chapter 8, right at the end of the Battle of Amphipolis.

The sixth and final Delian League member is Kodros the Bull. Once revealed, you can find Kodros at the Leader's House in the city of Mytilene, in the region of Lesbos in the far Northeast of the map of Greece. Need something?

Ubisoft announces that Assassin's Creed Valhalla has gone gold, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey walkthrough and guide. Brison is hiding out on the Isle of Salamina in Attika, the large island to the east of Athens.

Once revealed, you can find The Silver Griffin at Prasonisia island off the coast of Mykonos, which is the easternmost of the two Silver Islands east of Attika. He is the Nation Leader of the region. To uncover this cultist, defeat Okytos the Great, at which point you will learn that Deianeria is involved in the conquest of Boeotia. If the task of finding and eliminating members of the Delian League feels familiar, this is because the Delian League is one of the many wings of the Eyes of Kosmos. To find more cultists, visit our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey walkthrough and guide. The Ghost of Kosmos is the faceless and enigmatic leader of the cult, even above Deimos, who leads from the shadows. By finding and killing Kleon the Everyman, you’ll be rewarded with the Paris’s Bow. He's revealed in the main storyline, which you haven't reached, during this mission: Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough and Guide, We found him in the middle of the island (and the middle of nowhere), in the Green City area. Kodros the Bull can be found in the Leader House in Lover’s Bay near the Petrified Islands. Expect for the guards to give you some tough resistance, and don’t forget to confirm the kill.
Brison is handed to you after playing through The Serpent’s Lair story mission, so he can be approached relatively early. By using the site, you are consenting to this. Chrysis is the second cultist of the Worshippers of the Bloodline, and is uncovered during the Main Storyline. To view more information on the individual cultists, their locations, and the clues to uncover them on the map, see the list of culists below: Elpenor is the first cultist in the Eye of Kosmos, and is also the very first cultist you encounter in your story. To know where to find the Delian League it is necessary to comment that these are simply members belonging to a wing of the cult of Kosmos, the idea is to get each of its members throughout Ancient Greece, we do this while we are progressing in the game until finally getting the Ghost of Kosmos.

Removing it allows us to get the Athenian War Hero Armor as a reward. After that, you’ll have to complete the chain Kyra with a Cause (these quest names will be the death of me). Belos the Beast of Sparta is the third cultist in the Heroes of the Cult, and can only be found in the Arena. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. This Delian League member is a Level 49 enemy that can be unlocked by killing a Mercenary named Aigle the Great Cat. He fled the fort, making my life easier and allowing me to eliminate him away from the bulk of his forces. Group: Delian League Drops: Athenian War Hero Gauntlets (Arm) Brison is the first cultist from the Delian League, and can only be uncovered by completing the main story. Kleon the Everyman is the sage of the Delian League, and unlike other sages, is revealed as part of the main storyline, where you will be forced to encounter and kill him.

Like Elpenor from the Eyes of Kosmos branch and Epiktetos the Forthcoming from the Silver Line branch, you’ll run into and kill Kleon by completing the main story missions. Sotera is the second cultist in the Eye of Kosmos, and is one of the cultists revealed after The Serpent's Lair main story. He resides inside the Abandoned Mine on the northeast side of the island, isolated from the rest of the guards patrolling the mine entrance - though he does have a wolf companion with him at all times.

Sword Kits – Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor Locations, GTA Online Peyote Plant Map Locations – Cactus Animals, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legendary Chest Map Locations, Zelda Breath of the Wild Shrine Locations Map – Find & Complete all 120, Genshin Impact Repair Broken Bridge at Wangshu Inn – Level Up Achievement, Pressing Deadlines Genshin Impact – Friendship Increased Answers, Cloud Retainer Genshin Impact – Custodian of Clouds Puzzle, Among Us Chromebook – Keyboard Controls & How to Download, Share Dodo Codes & Invite Friends in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Iobates the Stoic is the fourth cultist from the Delian League, and can be revealed by killing Podarkes as well as high level mercenaries. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. After you dispatch Rhexenor the Hand, you’ll get the Legendary Athenian War Hero Belt. Once uncovered, you can find Kallias patrolling the region of Elis, walking between Fort Koroibos and the main city, as well as the road between them.

Once Sokos is killed, you can find The Octopus sailing between the islands of Thera and Anaphi. Pausanias is the sage of the Peloponneian League, and unlike other Sages, you do not necessarily have to kill all of the cultists in the group to uncover his identity.

The Master is the third cultist in the Eye of Kosmos, and can only be revealed by completing certain quests. Kodros the Bull was a level 50 enemy while I was only level 41, but a build focused on Hunter damage and a safe position to use my bow made quick work of him. This Delian League member is a Level 42 enemy that can be unlocked by running through the A-Musing Tale quest.

There are several ways to getting Kodros the Bull. This member requires unlocking by removing Titos from Arenas. Okytos the Great is the first cultist in the Heroes of the Cult, and can be uncovered during The Serpent's Lair Quest. The Centaur is the second cultist in The Silver Vein, and is one of the cultists revealed after The Serpent's Lair main quest. Once revealed, Brison can be found at the Salamis Marble Quarry on the Isle of Salamis that's west of Attika.
You must wait for the story to make him your target. Sokos is the second cultist of the Gods of Aegean Sea, and his clue can be revealed by defeating Asterion. In order to expose this cultist, travel to the island of Delos and engage in the side quest Rebel, until you are able to take part in a Nation Battle, and then you can expose and kill him. To reveal the identity of this cultist, you must reach Attika and continue the main quest until Perikles tasks you with helping several of his friends. So, I killed the bad guy in Mykonos, but he didn't update the clues. By the time you get to him all other members of the Delian League should be eliminated.