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Bilanço ya genel bir bilançodur ya da seçilen bir sezonun bilançosudur. These are the detailed performance data of Karriereende player Kevin Davies.

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Santrafor, Eski Milli oyuncu: Date of birth/Age: Kevin Davies former footballer from England Centre-Forward last club: Preston North End * Mar 26, 1977 in Sheffield, England For using this site, please activate JavaScript. Sayfayı kullanmak için Javascript'i global etkinleştir.

İngiltere. 26 Mar 1977 (43), Doğum yeri: Centre-Forward, Former International: Sezon seç:

Mar 26, 1977 (43), Place of birth: This page contains information about a player's detailed stats.

It shows the transfer history, the clubs Kevin Davies played for in his career, time of transfers and the transfer fees. In the info box, you can filter by period, club, type of league and competition. The "Detailed stats" tab shows a player's total appearances, goals, cards and cumulative minutes of play for each competition, and indicates the season in which it occurred. This is the transfer history of Karriereende player Kevin Davies. Doğum tarihi/Yaş: The website contains a statistic about the performance data of the player. Kevin Davies - Transfer history | Transfermarkt England. Player stats of Kevin Davies (Karriereende) Goals Assists Matches played All performance data reihenfolge ASC, saison_id DESC, verein_id ASC. Sheffield, Position:

Anavatandaki isim: Kevin Cyril Davies: Doğum tarihi: 26 Mar 1977: Doğum yeri: Sheffield : yaş: 43: Boy: 1,83 m: Uyruk: Ingiltere : Mevki: Sheffield, Mevki: