There was one thing Jacobs didn’t want in a new home for the Indians: A co-tenant. The video board measures convert|36|ft|m high by convert|149|ft|m wide.

The downtown view led many to believe that the Indians and HOK were attempting to Xerox the success of Baltimore’s Oriole Park at Camden Yards, completed two years before Progressive Field. [34], The Indians extended their lease agreement with Gateway Economic Development Corp. for the stadium in August 2008 from 2013 to 2023. CC BY-SA 4.0

(Cleveland Indians), Said to be the second largest restaurant in all of Cleveland, the Terrace Club is one of Progressive Field’s most distinctive features—a two-level, glass-encased restaurant down the left-field line with great views of the game. Richard Jacobs even made the unique move of putting the Indians on the stock market, offering public shares to fans and others who felt the team would be a hot buy.

[61], An event called "Snow Days" debuted at Progressive Field in November 2010. One was wrong.

It gets worse; for Game Seven of a terrific World Series at Progressive Field, with the Tribe just one win from taking it all for the first time in 68 long years, many Clevelanders decided they’d rather strike it rich and sell their tickets to visiting Chicago Cubs fans. Adams, who initially scoffed at The Jake as “segregationist”—“People with money don’t have to sit with people without money,” he complained back in 1994—has, along with Ochmann, come to admit that Progressive Field has become their home, a far cry from the Indians’ previous residence in more medieval times for Cleveland. It was first used for a concert on August 12, 1995 during its second season of use, when Jimmy Buffett played at the ballpark as part of his Domino College Tour. Adjacent to The Corner, behind the right-field bleachers, is the Neighborhoods—a wonderful touch of local food flavor in which Cleveland-area restaurants are allowed to offer some of their best sellers. They came up with Cleveland Tomorrow, a consensus group to lay out the future for a revived downtown. In 1974, they decided it was a good idea to try 10-Cent Beer Night, which led to a lot of drunk fans and a game-ending riot. The weather was not to blame; game-time conditions were seasonally pleasant. Here are some of the best amenities at Progressive Field.
The win was nice for Clevelanders, but Jacobs Field was the bigger triumph of the day. It is located behind the center field wall, shielded by plantings so it doesn't interfere with the batter's eye. Not that anyone complained, as Clevelanders developed a soft spot for the little fellow that has stood the test of time and survived in one form or another all the way to the present day. Three full months before the first pitch at the new ballpark, a million tickets had already been sold for the Indians’ inaugural season, and season ticket sales were up six-fold from the year before. And again. Before The Jake, there were none. And right fielders fearing competition with fans trying to nab a home run ball off the top of the wall would be content to know that a flat, six-foot buffer would separate the wall from the first row of bleachers.

[9], The ballpark opened as Jacobs Field in 1994 to replace Cleveland Stadium, which the team had shared with the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. On the third-base side, three levels of luxury boxes dominate, flanked in the left-field corner by a series of jagged, glass-encased extensions that make up the spacious, two-story Terrace Club. [42][43], The bullpens, reconfigured between the 2014 and 2015 seasons, are raised above the playing field, which allows fans to see pitchers warming up. [cite news |title=Indians' record-setting sellout streak over |url= |work=USA Today |date=2005-04-05 |accessdate=2008-05-26 ] Demand for tickets was so great that all 81 home games were sold out before opening day on three separate occasions. Cleveland Indians MLB 3D BRXLZ Stadium - Progressive Field. Finally, in 2014, the Indians went full throttle into makeover mode.

Progressive Field ranks as pretty average when compared to other MLB parks and does not have too many non-traditional restaurants at their park. [38], The ballpark has numerous unique structural features.

Easily on their way to winning a second straight divisional title, the Indians in late August began a winning streak that grew and grew, day after day. Progressive Field changed the culture for the franchise for the better. There was no money to go around; even the city’s public school system went broke.

All of this pleased environmentalists and saved the Indians money, but it wasn’t necessarily a selling point to bring in more fans. And then there’s this: Within a 50-mile radius of Progressive Field, there are four minor league ballclubs—three affiliated with the Indians, the other an independent outfit. Historians are certain to identify the year 1994 as a significant time in the renaissance of the city of Cleveland. In June 1992, Mel Harder, who pitched the opening game at Cleveland Stadium in 1932,[13] and contemporary stars Charles Nagy and Sandy Alomar, Jr., executed the ceremonial first pitch at the site of the new ballpark before construction began.
[39], The park features distinctive dimensions; left and right field are both 325 feet (99 m) from homeplate, but left field has a 19-foot (6 m) high wall, known as the "Little Green Monster". [ Tribe fielding offers to rename Jacobs Field] , "The Plain Dealer", May 24, 2006.] For a brief time just months before the ballpark’s opening, it appeared the ballpark would be named Society Field after a locally-based bank, but the deal fell apart amid a merger with KeyBank. They all made Jacobs Field come alive, and vice versa. The installation of seating was completed in October 1993. So he sold the franchise for $323 million—the highest price for a major league team to that point, and roughly ten times what he had paid for it just 14 years earlier—to Larry Dolan, a prominent Cleveland lawyer. On June 12, 1995, the Indians sold out the ballpark for a game against Baltimore; it would be another five years and 455 home games before another seat was left unsold. Later that year, committee leaders met to re-evaluate these plans, and a location was later agreed upon. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Its steep bleachers in left field are reminiscent of Chicago’s Wrigley Field, while the wall they stand behind, at 19 feet tall, is a nod toward Fenway Park’s famed Green Monster in Boston. And it is the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex, consisting of Progressive Field, the home of the Indians, and Quicken Loans Arena, the home of the CAVS, that will be remembered as the crowning jewel in the city's ever-changing urban landscape. For $13.9 million, the new ballpark officially became Jacobs Field. And again. [3] Cuyahoga County voters approved a 15-year sin tax on alcohol and cigarette sales in May 1990 to finance the new Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex, which included the ballpark, an adjacent arena for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and two parking garages. Perhaps to show solidarity, mayor Ralph Perk had his hair catch fire from flying sparks at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Most of the seats down the lines at Camden Yards were tilted to face closer to the infield, so fans didn’t have to turn their necks while the rest of their bodies were forcibly aimed toward the outfield. In 2012, a corkscrew wind turbine was placed outside of Progressive Field in the southeast corner by Cleveland State University, with the permission of the Indians.

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