Bubble Maker
The BUBBLE MAKER programme by PADI can make an 8-year-old kid an explorer of the amazing underwater world of the island of Kithira...
Seal Team
The SEAL TEAM programme by PADI offers little ambitious 8-year-old explorers a combination of fun and training in the pool...
Junior Open Water Diver
The JUNIOR OPEN WATER DIVER programme by PADI can transform a 10-year-old into a responsibly trained diver only within a few days...
Discover Scuba Diving
The DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING programme by PADI can help anyone wearing a bathing suit dive with an individual underwater...

Welcome to Kythera Dive Center

In Kythera, the island where Afrodite was born, underwater destinations are endless!
We live a different smaller or bigger myth in every dive!

At the beautiful Kapsali bay we have created Kythera Dive Center, the base for our explorations!
There we live our myths, We live a different smaller or bigger myth in every dive!

Join us in the exploration of the magical Greek underwater world (wrecks, caves, reefs) as well as all the beauty of the island of Kythera in a way that only a few people can, UNDERWATER! The cannons of an old pirate ship, giant winches of a contemporary wreck, seals, octopuses, groupers, lobsters and squids accompany us in the serene, lush sea waters. Incredible corals and reefs are revealed in front of our eyes, a wonderful underwater world embraces and calms us thanks to the lack of gravity. In order to live the magic of the underwater exploration 2 hours are enough, as long as you are over the age of 8. If you are over the age of 10 you can be trained and certified as a SCUBA DIVER or an OPEN WATER DIVER.